Behind the Design: Hang Loose


Hangin’ With The Crew: Behind the Design of the SCL Hang Loose Tees

By: Mallory Koch

Phase 1: Love for SCL

One day a couple years ago when I was in Seaside, I stumbled across an Instagram account called “seasidecrewlife”. Like everyone else, I immediately followed the account and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the opportunity to see everyone enjoying their time in the family town we all love and it’s so wonderful to see how much people genuinely love Seaside Crew Life. Because of Seaside Crew Life, I now have lifelong friends who have become family and I couldn’t be more thankful. I personally love this account because I never knew that when I followed it, I would’ve grown in my faith, my love for Seaside, my love for people, and my love for moments.

Phase 2: The Drawing

This past summer, SCL was asking for design ideas, or just asking what people would like to see on t-shirts, etc. Well, me being the gal I am, grabbed a pen and paper, and let my creativity flow, hoping to eventually send them to Ansley. With this design, I wanted to incorporate something with the “crew” aspect (because we are one big family), so I drew a bunch of things, but the one that SCL loved most was the hangin’ loose with the crew. Never in a million years would I think my design would inspire the seaside crew life tees, let alone actually be on a t-shirt.

Phase 3: Joe’s Magic

I’ve never met Joe, but seriously, this guy is awesome. Joe Weaver is the owner of Our30A. The many stories I’ve heard of him and how he literally transitioned my design to something so great is just purely amazing. He is the mastermind behind SCL design (he’s a graphic designer). Joe listens to what SCL wants, and really knows the account well enough just get it. He and Ansley work together and smooth out the rough patches here and there and make sure SCL merchandise is something crewmembers love. I’m super thankful for Joe and Ansley for bringing the SCL designs and merch to life, especially mine. They’re a big deal ya’ll…

Phase 4: Hot Off the Printer

Well, you guessed it; my design was the inspiration for the original Hang Loose tees that were sold this summer. What? Is this real life? Yes, yes it is. Joe transformed a drawing to a design and then it went to a t-shirt. SO. COOL.  As you may know, the tees were sold in all different colors and sold out quick, so some of you may not have gotten them. But, good news! They’re back and now we have tees and tanks for spring break and summer! I’m genuinely so thankful and grateful for everyone who has bought a hang loose tee, or a SCL tee in general because SCL is truly amazing and I’m so so so thankful for lifelong friendships within the crew. Big things are coming, so hang loose my friends and show us some shaka.

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author: Mallory Koch