Singing Our Way to S E A S I D E

Music is always a part of our lives and whether we realize it or not, we listen to music A little bit ago, the Seaside Crew Life Ambassadors felt like a Spotify for SCL was a new way to connect with the crew. A few of us sing, play instruments, and for a lot of us music is our life and passion. For me personally, music has always been one of my passions. I sing, play guitar, write songs, etc. I loved being able to make this playlist and look for music that I listen to and music I listen to in Seaside because it brought back so many wonderful memories I have of the town that we all love and admire. With this account, we hope to connect with you guys more and maybe even bring back memories of your time in Seaside or on 30A.  As one of Central Records’ chalkboards once said, “Every song has a memory.” We hope you enjoy and we can’t wait to share more big news coming soon!

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