Life ...something that is so often taken for granted.

A simple four letter word that means so much.

We have 1 LIFE on this earth and we need to start living without boundaries. We need to start taking chances. We need to stop being so afraid because God is with us. He is with us when we are at the top of the mountain and in the valley. He is the One who is with us when no one else is. So why do we take that for granted? WHY are we so afraid? He has given us this LIFE to share his word and change the world.

So let's be vessels for him.
Spread his light e v e r y w h e r e we go.

Share His love and His word to those we encounter because that is what matters most in the simple four letter word that is our existence.... Life.

Quit worrying about what people think about you because you WILL be judged. People will say things that hurt but none of it matters because the only opinion that matters is His. At the end of our journey we will be judged by one person and that is Him.

So do not be afraid and LIVE.
Take chances.
Tell people how much they mean to you.
Forgive others. Love others. Support others.

LIFE begins when you step out of your comfort zone so GO and just LIVE like God has intended us to do so.

Do not be afraid for he is with you in everything you do & everywhere you go.

-Blakely Huff