The New Classic

Merchandise is back and better than ever, Seaside Crew.

Merchandise for living the Seaside Crew Life has expanded from our original green logo tee to an extensive variety of vibrant, creative, and beachy shirts and tanks that give us a glimpse of our favorite little beach town. With the help of our friends, the fantastically talented people at Our30A, this new tee is no exception. You could even say, “A new treasure has washed ashore.” And trust us — it’s a gem.

We are releasing a brand new shirt with a sweet design that combines classic SCL elements with entirely new ones. The massive success of our “Hang Loose” tees inspired us to repurpose this design in a way that is fresh and simplified. We also put our timeless logo to use in this new tee, which is something we have not done on a large scale since we released our first shirt.

With the return of SCL merchandise and the introduction of a new tee comes the return of the best-loved and most-sought-after shirt style, Comfort Colors. Our collaboration with these go-to shirts has “taken a vacation” during the past few releases of our shirts due to incredible demand and lack of availability. Thankfully, our latest merchandise has still thrived, even without being Comfort Colors tees. However, we thought it would be a good idea to reintroduce Comfort Colors shirts onto the SCL scene with the introduction of our newest tee.

In three awesome colors, Seafoam, Denim, and Berry, our newest tee is sure to be your new go-to for soaking up the sun, heading to class, and everything in between. This fresh design beautifully pairs with every one of the vibrant colors options available. It is one of our favorites; we know it will be one of yours, too.

The classic SCL logo adorns the back while a simplified, reimagined “Hang Loose” design decorates the front pocket. Being both crisp and charming, this new tee does not disappoint. The recipe for it is simple: just the right amount of classic and just the right amount of new. See for yourself — you won’t be let down.

We are so excited to be able to provide another way for Crew Members to live the Seaside Crew Life, whether sitting on the sugary sands of 30A or in the chilly classrooms of Biology 101.  Hopefully, this new piece will remind you of the memories made in our “home away from home” and inspire you to make new ones. To us, it’s a little slice of our Little Slice of heaven, and we hope you feel that way, too.

Now, get out there, make some waves, and live the Seaside Crew Life — all while doing it in style (thanks to our newest tee).

- Will Franklin Eller // ATL, GA


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